James Walter Gardner

My Character Series

"Characer" Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

My Character Series has been developed to help individuals understand the importance of character development within the kingdom of God. Why is character important? Character is a reflection of our choices.  Only we can choose how we respond to circumstances.

Our character has a direct impact on whom we become: Will we choose to forgive or entertain prolonged bitterness? Will we be generous or stingy? Will we choose the ways of truth or practice a lie? Others can influence our choices, but it is us who will ultimately make the decision and, be held responsible for it. Inaction or postponement of a decision is actually a choice.

Our character was originally designed to reflect the nature of God and, therefore is an important part of the development of the kingdom of God.  The first book in the series is PRIDE: The Silent Killer of the Church.